About Us

The Begonia Club is a floral supply provisioning company offering vases, candle accessories, and supply rentals for high-end independent florists. With over 10 years in the events industry, we’re trying to eliminate unnecessary stress and headaches by reducing overhead and providing small businesses excellent floral support!

Operations Manager

Stefanya Drazba

Stefanya Drazba grew up in Latin America, surrounded by tropical flowers year-round. So, it was no surprise she found herself working part-time as a florist while attending the College of Charleston. During her time providing set-up and floral arrangements for hundreds of weddings in Charleston, she met Anne Bowen, whom she later worked for at Charleston Stems. The friends shared their talents for floral and venue design, and especially organization and event execution.

After taking time at home with her two children Felix and Ilse, Stefanya is happy to be teamed up again with Anne, in a new venture, The Begonia Club, providing a new twist in event support- taking on the growing logistical challenges that florists and planners face today.

With 17 years of experience in the floral and event industry, Stefanya is ready to identify and provide solutions that will make your job a breeze and your event a success!


Chief Meddler

Anne Bowen Rogers

Hi My name is Anne and have I got a business for you?

It’s The Begonia Club — you may be asking ‘what is that’? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s a club. A begonia club. And you can be part of it! We have trucks and buckets and eventually a building and you can use it all for a fee! Do you wake up every morning crying in the bathroom because your flower business has too much overhead? Here at the Begonia Club, we want to take some of that from over your head.