How it Works

Let’s make this easier.

Let’s get you some reliable floral support.


Choose Your Supplies

Select the week of your event and add all of the supplies you need.

We can even prep your containers ahead of time with flower frogs or chicken wire to save you time and reduce your labor needs week-of.


Place Your Order

We’ll confirm your desired delivery method and timing once your order is placed.  Then we’ll get to work getting everything clean and packed to send out the door.

If you have special requirements- like needing us to ship internationally, just give us a holler and we can help customize your order and determine the shipping fees.


We Deliver Everything You Need.

With all of our offerings, we’ll deliver a neat and tidy package of all the hardgoods and supplies you need for your event, no matter how large or small your list is.

Need something that’s not on our list? Just ask.


Send It Back

After your event, remove the flowers and dump out the water. Then just repack and send it back!

We’ll take care of the dirty work- cleaning up- so everything you need will be sparkling when you want to rent it again.

Additional Services

Receiving &
Inventory Prep

If you are having a pallet of vases or candles shipped in and you need our team to unpack them/make sure none are broken and that all are accounted for, clean and de-sticker them so they are event-ready, we can do that.

Shipping &

We can coordinate packing a pallet and organize freight if you need us to ship a whole wedding setup (prepped vases, candles, buckets, tools, etc) to the middle of nowhere.


We can coordinate customs brokerage/receiving for those fancy Italian vases you’ve been eyeing, or getting a floral production station setup for your wedding in Provence.


We’ll place your items on hold upon receipt of the event deposit. The final payment is due 35 days before the event. We will not ship your items without receipt of the final payment and damage deposit.


Our pricing reflects all rentals and cleaning fees. It does not include shipping fees and state taxes, which will be added to the final invoice.


We’ll ask for a use date and an event date when you book your items. Then we’ll calculate the best method of shipping


We’ll handle all the cleaning - that means dirt, water spots, wax, soot, etc! Just pack everything carefully back in the container we shipped it to you in and we’ll take care of the dirty work.


We will hold a breakage/damage deposit for certain items which will be refunded. You’ll receive an itemized list of replacement costs for any breakable rental items upon booking. Please handle our rentals with care and when you return them we’ll refund the deposit.

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