Need someone to help handle deliveries before your event? Our team can receive your shipments. We can even unpack, de-sticker, and clean your new things for you! Or we can just stash them safely until you need them for your job.

Fee Schedule:

Regular Packages (Under 20x20x20)

*Storage fees for regular packages are accurate for as many shipments as will fit into a 30 x 22 x 20.5″ flip-top bin

1st Package Receiving Fee $10
Additional Packages $5
Weekly Storage $25
Monthly Storage $80


Oversized Packages (Over 20x20x20)

1st Oversized Package Receiving Fee $20
Additional Oversized Packages $10
Weekly Storage per package $25
Monthly Storage per package $80



Pallet Receiving Fee $50
Weekly Storage $150
Monthly Storage $550
Pallet Disposal $20


Please reach out to us to arrange receiving.

Unpacking/breaking down pallets is billed at $35/hour.

We reserve the right to adjust prices for deliveries that have not been pre-arranged with our team.