How it Works

You’ve got questions. 
We’ve got answers

  • Why is it a six-day rental?

    We want to make sure you have enough time to make arrangements and that we have enough time to get everything clean and back out the door the following week. If you are working in a far-flung destination, we'll want to add time onto either end to account for shipping. Reach out and we'll customize pricing based on your needs.

  • I need a shipping quote. What do I do?

    The easiest way to get a shipping quote from us is to place an order for what you need on our site, and message us with the details. Your order is not confirmed until your deposit is received, so we can use your info to figure out what shipping options are available. We'll need to know a few things about where we're shipping to - whether there are specific delivery hours, if the address is residential, if there is a loading dock that can receive pallets, etc. The more information we have about what you're looking for- the easier it will be for us to find the most cost-effective shipping methods for you.

  • My job is next week - and I can't book any of my rentals! What gives?

    Our website ordering cuts off two weeks before an event date. Since we won't have as much time to prepare- we just need to make sure that we have the time and staff to fulfill your order before we confirm. If you are trying to book a last-minute order, just email us! We can typically accommodate these requests.

  • Uh-oh, we broke a vase. What now?

    When you book your rental, we'll include a damage deposit and schedule of breakage/replacement fees. You'll know up front what pieces need to be handled with extra-special care!

  • I don't see what I need. Can you still help me?

    Of course! Contact us about what you're looking for- when you find a great product we'd love to have in our inventory, we'd love to work together to get it to your event.

  • How does your pricing work?

    Prices are based on a six-day rental. For products that currently on the market that we can replace easily, we'll charge 20% of the retail price. Prices can go up a bit when we have to bring things in from far away to account for shipping or customs charges, or for items with long lead times for replacement. Some of our offerings are antiques or one-of-a-kind pieces we've found traveling, so the rental is higher since they can't be replaced.

  • Can you build me a mobile floral atelier?

    Totally. Getting you set up to create great work is our specialty. We can provide tables, refrigeration, lazy susans, carts, work lighting, anti-fatigue mats, toolkits, clippers, ribbon, containers, buckets, and even a water tank if you're really out in the sticks.

  • I don't want to do anything. Can you do it all?

    We can't do it all, but we can do a lot. If you have a large job and need to hire a team to take over all of your hardgoods on site, we'll round up a great team of fastidious glass-wranglers, candle-placers, etc.
    Find out more about our Full Service Floral Support here

  • I landed my dream client on an island in the Mediterranean! Can you help?

    ABSOLUTELY! We're here to help you succeed. We can manage customs/shipping/coordination so you don't find yourself in a foreign county missing your bar arrangement containers or going on a wild goose chase for a staple gun. We can also help explore local sourcing options.

  • Is there anything you don't provide?

    We can't provide the flowers, the snacks, or a loo. But if you can handle that part, we can't wait to happily coordinate the rest for you!

What are the benefits of using Begonia Club?

There are too many to list!

We want to make it easier for you to keep your work fresh and innovative without amassing a huge pile of inventory. We know from experience that the cost of owning/storing/maintaining all of that ‘stuff’ can add up quickly. It’s easy to feel like you need to use the same vases for multiple weddings to spread out the cost of purchasing- and suddenly your portfolio can start to look the same. We’ll help you keep it fresh by offering new items so you can tailor your work to each event.

Additionally, we want florists to have access to great stuff without all of the waste and excess that goes along with buying each time. Ever notice how it can take unpacking five different boxes before you get to a votive? We want to make it easier for florists to share – at the same time eliminating waste and making the floral industry a greener one.

Aaaaand, that’s not all. It’s hard to juggle all of the responsibilities involved in pulling off great events. We want you and your staff to have the time and energy to focus on what you do best, so we can take extra work off of your plate by taking care of pre-event work (chicken wire, taping vases, inventory, etc.) and we can help after your event is over by cleaning up. That way your team is fresh and focused when you need them to be- and you can avoid long hours and overtime for the jobs that don’t have to happen on-site.


Tell me more about the environmentally friendly part.

We know it’s important to do our part to protect the environment for flowers, plants, animals, and generations to come. We’re looking forward to helping make more responsible, climate-conscious decisions realistic and easily-accessible for the events industry by:

-Providing a curated selection of rental items for events, so florists can afford to use higher-quality items from responsible vendors (sometimes initially more costly, but with the cost offset by a rental charge instead of a purchase price)

-Reducing the amount of shipping waste by centralizing the needs of many businesses

-Developing and giving lots of people access to innovative mechanics to help eliminate the need for floral foam, non-biodegradable items and single-use plastics

-Making a fleet of rental vehicles available with electric refrigeration components, to centralize cooling needs/eliminate power use redundancy by having a fixed cooler and a mobile one

Additionally, we plan to continually audit our own practices and prioritize making climate-friendly improvements whenever possible.

We Deliver Everything You Need.

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